Market Modelers provides insights into the drivers and inhibitors of commercial success through merging targeted behavioral research with dynamic forecast models. We create world-class opportunity assessments to inform development, investment, and acquisition decisions. 

Our focus is healthcare – we partner with medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes to describe and communicate future value.

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What we do

For over 15 years, Market Modelers® has been creating best-in-class assessments of new biotech, pharma, device, and diagnostic products to inform development, marketing, investment, and acquisition decisions.

Our evaluations are based on a critical analysis of the size, scope, and dynamics of your target markets. We evaluate your product's relative advantages and challenges against competing technologies and products.

We thoughtfully translate market dynamics and the results from commercial viability research into robust custom models built to reflect the complexities of the market and designed to examine a range of competitive scenarios and market uncertainties, allowing insights into the risks and rewards of your venture.

How we do it

We start by aligning our service recommendations with your strategic or tactical business objectives. Before we suggest solutions, we spend the time to understand not only the deliverables but their audience and communication objectives. This will determine the appropriate depth and scope of our activities.

You can select which of our services your organization would like us to supplement your current resources. We are comfortable being a part of your team as we are conducting research and forecasting as an independent source.

Research capabilities

Market Modelers® designs and conducts behavioral market research with practitioners, patients, consumers, and stakeholders to understand the key drivers of adoption and market share. We dig deep to discover the environmental and behavioral factors that drive and inhibit purchasing and prescribing decisions.

Our research efforts start with understanding the business questions you need to answer. We will clarify how the study data collected will be used and what decisions will be supported by the findings. Example objectives include: Explore market needs, segments, and use cases Discover product requirements and prioritize feature sets Test concepts, messaging, artwork Assess maximum technology penetration Quantify the impact of key variables on adoption uptake Identify price and feature sensitivities Understand competitive market share potential

We are globally capable. We have conducted hands-on and remote research around the globe. Our analysts conduct all user and expert interviews after becoming conversant with your product and research objectives. We have conducted commercial viability and usability studies throughout Europe, Asia, and South America

Market modeling & forecasting

A forecast model must capture the salient market dynamics with fidelity. The assumptions and methodologies should be transparent, understandable, and clearly documented. The results need to hold up under the scrutiny of savvy executives, investors, and stakeholders.

Our models are financial planning tools; they are constructed to be reliable and flexible. They are built to immediately reflect the impact of changes to indications, launch dates, class penetration profiles, reimbursement, and competitive landscape.

Top line components of our revenue forecast models:

• Market segmentation by region and indication
• Populations and growth rates
• Incidence/prevalence of targeted disease or conditions
• Sub-segmentation of indications
• Clinical and logistical exclusions
• Class penetration by segment
• Product preference within class
• Competitive landscape and commercial strength
• Net average selling price
• Utilization
• Scenario, sensitivity, and simulation analyses

We create high-impact presentations to communicate both the forecasting process and findings.


Robert Ameo, Managing Director

Robert served in the corporate development group at Johnson & Johnson, evaluating new product and technology opportunities. He was awarded a PhD in counseling psychology with a concentration in research methodology and statistics from the University of Miami. Currently a member of the International Institute of Forecasters, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - Healthcare Technical Group, the American Psychological Association, and the Society for Consumer Psychology.

Nancy P. Bullock, Executive Director

Nancy has over 25 years of health tech experience, having led initiatives that span the entire commercial process, from discovery through launch. Her hallmark is championing and driving first-in-kind business processes, ventures, and disruptive healthcare solutions.  Nancy has held strategy, M&A, and commercial leadership roles at Philips, Medtronic, and Johnson & Johnson, among other world-class brands.  She achieved a B.S. in Biotechnology and MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

Michael Kubica, Director of Modeling

Michael has extensive experience building predictive forecast models for pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and consumer companies. He holds an MBA specializing in healthcare finance and economics and an MS degree in psychology, both from Nova Southeastern University.

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