Understanding and communicating the commercial potential of healthcare products and services

Market Modelers provides actionable insights into the drivers and inhibitors of commercial success through merging specialized market research with dynamic forecast models. We create world class opportunity assessments to inform development, investment and acquisition decisions.

Forecasts Supported by Research

Market Modelers conducts global market research with practitioners, patients, consumers and stakeholders to understand the key drivers of adoption and market share. We dig deep to discover the environmental and behavioral factors that drive, and inhibit, purchasing and prescribing decisions.

We translate these research findings into forecast models. Models that reflect the complexities of the market through tested adoption and market share algorithms.

We create documented presentations and reports that are understandable and impactful to highlight the opportunities and risks.

We can provide these services in a turnkey package or à la carte.

Market Research with a Mission

Our research studies are designed to produce actionable insights to maximize the performance of your investments.

Our research efforts start with understanding the business questions you need to answer. We will clarify how the study data collected will be used, and what decisions will be supported by the findings. Example objectives include:

  • Explore market needs, segments and use cases
  • Discover product requirements and prioritize feature sets
  • Test concepts, messaging, artwork
  • Assess maximum technology penetration
  • Quantify impact of key variables on adoption uptake
  • Identify price and feature sensitivities
  • Understand competitive market share potential

Experienced in Multiple Methodologies

After considering your resource and timing constraints, we will recommend the methodologies best suited to to achieve your objectives efficiently.

  • Ethnographic studies (home, facility, or work sites)
  • Simulated hands-on testing (individual, dyads and triads)
  • Focus groups (exploring and quantifying)
  • Hybrid telephone and web assisted in-depth interviews
  • Content analysis of recorded interviews
  • Factor analytics of subject and product traits
  • Professional and consumer web based studies

Exploration and Quantification

Do you want the richness of probing discussions with the reliable quantification of a well-designed survey?

Our efficient QUAL + QUANT research designs allow exploration of subjective experience and objective measurement within the same study. This allows us to blend the richness of exploratory discussions with the data reliability of a structured survey.

We can apply QUAL + QUANT to in-depth and one-on-one interviews, dyads, and focus group research. We are equipped to conduct these studies globally in any language. 

Forecast Modeling

We translate complex market dynamics into usable, dynamic, and intuitive predictive models.  

A forecast model must capture the salient market dynamics with fidelity. The assumptions and methodologies should be transparent, understandable and clearly documented. The results need to be hold up under the scrutiny of savvy executives, investors and stakeholders.

Our models are flexible and reliable. They are built to immediately reflect the impact of changes to indications, launch dates, commercial spend, competitive landscape and many other key variables.  

Answering Business Critical Questions

What do you need to know? 

  • Impact of a six-month delay in product launch
  • Value of an expedited reimbursement approval
  • Upside of an awarded expanded indication
  • Return on investment from an expansion of sales resources?
  • Probability of a positive NPV from an investment?

We can conduct a wide range performance and uncertainty analytics including sensitivity and scenario analyses, decision trees, optimizations and financial simulations to shed light on the upsides and downsides of your base case projections. 

Representative Model Components

Each model is built specifically for your project from a plan developed with your team’s input. A representative model might include:

  • Incidence/prevalence of targeted diseases or procedures
  • Market segments and segment growth rates
  • Eligibility exclusions including reimbursement
  • Technology adoption and disruption 
  • Current and future competitive environments
  • Sales and marketing prioritization and spend
  • Price drivers and pressures
  • Distribution, incentives and rebates discounts

About Market Modelers

Market Modelers has been providing world-class opportunity assessments to healthcare companies since 2008.

We know the business of healthcare product investment and have decades of experience in adoption and market share modeling.

Every member of our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of professional service and support.

Our clients include startups, investors, and the leading brands in medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Representative Projects

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Allergy | Immunology

• Immunoassays

• Basophil activation testing

• Psoriatic arthritis


• Chronic pain

• Peripheral nerve stim

• Spinal blocks

• Epidural block

• Epidural blood patches

Bariatric Medicine | Surgery

• Gastric bypass procedure

• Gastric banding

• eStim for appetite suppression

• Gastric balloon implants

Cardiology | Electrophysiology

• Multi-generational adoption of stents

• Heart failure

• Fluid management

• Atrial fibrillation

• Renal denervation via ablation

• Carotid body modulation

• Sympathetic mediated disease

Clinical Diagnostics

• Circulating tumor cells

• Maternal fetal cells

• Point of care devices

• Coagulapathy

• EGFR PCR systems

• Near patient testing

• Real time blood gas monitoring

• Novel diagnostics for IBS

• Rx impact of reagent change

Consumer Wellness

• Clinical and lifestyle OTC diagnostics

• Pain management through stimulation

• Cardiac rhythm monitoring

• Congestion relief devices

• Respiratory assist devices


• Acromegaly

• Neuroendocrine tumors

• Somatostatin analogs

• Diabetes (I & II)

• Continuous glucose monitoring devices

• Implantable glucose sensors


• Celiac disease

• Testing for CD on gluten free diets

• Ulcerative colitis

• Crohn’s disease

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• H. Pylori POS diagnostic

• OTC celiac testing

Hematology | Oncology

• Hemophilia B

• Gene therapy via AAV-based vector

• CtDNA & tissue based biomarker testing

• Metastatic breast cancer

• Glioblastoma

• Kinase inhibitors

• Nucleoside metabolic inhibitors

Infection Control

• Ventilator associated pneumonia

• Catheter related blood-stream infection

• Surgical site infection

• Skin antisepsis

Neurology | Psychiatry

• Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy

• Traumatic brain injuries

• Parkinson’s disease

• Huntington’s disease

• Multiple sclerosis

• Headaches

• Cerebral vascular events

• Epilepsy

• Deep brain stimulation

• Cortical stimulation

• Depression

• Nocturnal enuresis

• Urinary incontinence

• Biofeedback devices

Obstetrics | Gynecology

• Route and method of hysterectomy

• Endometrial ablation

• Myomectomy

• Amniocentesis

• Wireless portable fetal heart monitor


• Hip and knee replacement rehabilitation

• Tendon injuries

• Chondral and osteochondral defects

• Microfracture procedures

• Lateral epicondylitis

• Plantar fasciitis

• Management of surgical bleeding


• Closed system transfer devices

• Hazardous drug spill detection

• Storage and transportation of stem cells

Physical Therapy

• Technology-assisted physical therapy

• Post joint surgery rehabilitation protocols

• Joint reimbursement

Product Portfolio Management

• Stage gate assessments

• Early stage commercial valuation

• Probability of launch assessments

• Launch timing uncertainty analysis 

• R&D project risk adjustment

• Monte Carlo simulations

• Decision tree analysis

• Project prioritization

Respiratory | Pulmonology


• Respiratory insufficiency

• Long term supplemental oxygen therapy

• Tidal assist ventilation

• Non-invasive open ventilation

• Portable oxygen concentrators

• CPAP/BIPAP devices and interfaces

• Hypoglossal surgery

• Oscillatory device

• Self-report survey of OSA risk

• Device for clearing excess mucus

Sleep Disorders

• Apneas

• Snoring

• Circadian rhythm disorders

• Lingual advancement devices

• Mandibular advancement devices

• Surgery for obstructive apnea


• Adhesion prevention

• Traumatic bleeding

• Tranexamic acid

• Transfusions

• Fibrin based sealants

• Tissue closure devices


• Benign prostatic hyperplasia

• Prostate ablative approaches

• Lower urinary tract symptomatology

• Erectile dysfunction

• Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor

Vascular Access | Injections

• Peripheral IV catheters

• Global requirements

• Blood control

• Ported catheters

• Integrated needle sets

• Vascular access ergonomics

• Catheter flushing and maintenance

• Needleless connectors

• Catheter patency

• Optimal needle length offerings

• HEcon sell sheet for PIVC upgrade

• Venous, capillary and arterial draws

• IM and SC injection depth perception

Other Projects

• Virtual reality physician education

• EMR integrations

• Bedside patient education

• Method & schedule drug delivery

• Advanced blood collection devices

• Ultrasonic ablation for aesthetics

• Smart scenting device


Robert Ameo, Managing Director

Robert served in the corporate development group at Johnson & Johnson evaluating new product and technology opportunities. He holds a PhD from the University of Miami in psychology with a concentration in research and statistics. Robert is a member of the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF), and the American Psychological Association.

Belinda Hanlon, Research Director

Belinda directs our quantitative research program.  She oversees the the design, programming, execution and analysis of  our global market research studies.  Belinda holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Emory University.

Shannon Maschmeier, Ops Director

Shannon is involved all phases of our research projects, including planning, design, fieldwork, moderation, data analysis and reporting.  Shannon holds both an MBA from Webster University and an M.Ed. in Counseling from the University of Missouri.

Michael Kubica, Director of Modeling

Michael has extensive experience in building predictive forecast models for pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and consumer companies. He holds a MBA with specialization in healthcare finance and economics, and a MS degree in psychology both from Nova Southeastern University

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